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Work The Program-Use The Code™

I know that what you say you want is not what you are getting in your relationships at home, at work or at play. And I know that you are hurt, angry and frustrated about it.

We can give you the communication skills so that you can have it your way, all the time.We have found that you have "to be a me before you can be a we". We help you  become a "me". And we help put "me first".

 Every coach and therapist pushes something. I push bio-psycho-social syntonics: stoic emotional equilibrium and rational responses to the hostile and ever changing environment.   I address Sweet Addictions™ vs. Hard Addictions and The Art of Konversational Kung-Fu™.

The Program use The Code and  is a system of rational thinking, feeling and talking, even when the world around you is quite mad.   And, most importantly, honoring your natural energy: Yin or Yang.

The Code refers to the ability to handle the random and unfair pain of life with grace is the foundation for true and lasting inner peace and happiness.  Work The Program-Use The Code, a new book will be published soon-for the new decade.

The two questions that are the guideposts to The Code are:

  • What do you want that you don't have?
  • What do you have that you don't want?
  • What will it cost and are you willing to pay?

Resolve these two questions to your satisfaction and joy, success and contentment follow.   Remember that what you resist will always persist.   To find out more about The Code please contact us or come to a Shrink and Share.




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