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Shrink and Share™ in Chicago


These fun meet-ups are like hanging out with  your best friends, having a beer and chillin' while your very cool Auntie tells you about life.

We have fun, we eat, we drink, we, get our groove on  we talk about dating, work, money, lack of money, your momma, sex, love, hooking-up. cougar-ville and what ever else comes up.

Coach Ami uses a combination of comedy, psychology and common sense to entertain and enlighten.   

Everyone gets to write a question on an index card and get an answer-no question is too raw or too bold.   And everyone gets their one-on-one coaching session.  Learn the truth about men and women. Join us right now!





  • "Being introduced to the concept of learning how to date as a respectful, kind and feminine woman was difficult for me to initially embrace. Once I committed to following th..."
  • "I was introduced to Coach Ami at one of her great sessions on Mating, Dating, and Marriage. Since then I have utilized the great tips that she provided to "practice" and obtain..."
  • "Anyone who wants to communicate better with the opposite sex/get what they want out of relationships should really attend. There is so much to learn to help you to become better..."
    H. BEST

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