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Sex, Sexuality and Yin/Yang Energy

Most partnerships suffer from one or both of the following scenarios: Too often Yang Energy people are satisfied with a relationship as long as sexual needs are met and/or too often Yin Energy people withhold sex and use it as a report card on the relationship.

These are stereotypes, but they ring true.  Sex should be a regular part of the pleasure you enjoy in life. 

The brutal truth is that the person who wants sex the least is the one who has the most power. 

Interesting Sex Facts

- Shame and guilt are the two biggest killers of eroticism.

- Viagra works 66-80% of the time, not 100%.

- Women are more variable and flexible in orgasmic response.

- Less than 50% of women enjoy breast stimulation until they are at higher levels of arousal.

- Women must find their own sexual voice.

- Men’s sexual peak is 18-21.

- Women’s sexual peak is 34-36.

- 1 out of 3 women are not orgasmic during intercourse

- Smoking is the most negative thing to impact sex (because it is vascular).

- Fantasy can be a bridge to increase arousal and is healthy as long as it does not become compulsive.

- Sexuality and Aging- asks both partners to be more human, vulnerable, and sharing.

- 1 out of 4 young men fail in their first attempt to have intercourse.

-- People in their 50's tend to be the happiest couples sexually.

- Secrets about past sexual issues are usually a problem.

-The key to healthy sex for men is “sex and pleasure” instead of “sex and performance”.

- Co-habitating couples have the highest rates of being non-sexual.

- Aging alters sexuality, it does not stop it. Medication side effects are the biggest obstacle.

- Lack of desire is the most common female sexual problem.

- Sex needs to be positively anticipated by both partners.

-- It is normal that 5-15% of sex is mediocre or dissatisfying.

-- Almost 95% of people have had one bad sexual experience if we include dealing with STD’s, stalking/peeping, fondling, rubbing on the subway, exhibitionism, etc.


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