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The Seduction Safari™

An important part of our classes is the Seduction Sarfari™.  The Seduction Safari™ is a guided excursion to a local restaurant, bar, bookstore or an event where you can practice your seduction skills under my watchful eye.  

The best way to break your old dating and mating habits is to go out and practice your new skills in a  structured non-threatening environment with your new classmate. It will be fun and fantastic.

Discover a NEW WAY to meet other professional, up-scale singles like yourself with Seduction Safari-The Party Mix, the amazing meet and match party adventure. Coach Ami will facilitate the evening. Here's what to expect:

o Fast moving, small and large group "instant connections" that give you an easy, fun way to get acquainted.

o New friends, risk free

o A celebration of fun in an informal setting

o Meeting people at your own pace and comfort level - with no embarrassing interactions

o "Connections" business cards, a unique and effective method of making that first contact.

Seduction Safari-The Party Mix gives you a sure-fire way to meet new friends and offers many possibilities for dating. Say good-bye to the old dating scene. Break down the barriers to friendship and love in a single evening.

You'll leave Seduction Safari-The Party Mix thanking us! Past participants have said... "Fun, fun, fun!" "Upbeat & personal without the risk" "I loved the energy level in the room." "She made me feel at home." "I met a lot of quality people, and it was fun and easy." 

When you think of dating as "play" and not work all of your fears, anxieties and frustration will disappear.  Don't worry, we will stay out all night!


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  • "I was introduced to Coach Ami at one of her great sessions on Mating, Dating, and Marriage. Since then I have utilized the great tips that she provided to "practice" and obtain..."
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