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Athena:  Too Much Yang-The Intimidator (Bitch)

Athena is the Greek goddess of war and civilized urban pursuits.  She is the protectress of towns, cities and intelligent schemes.    

The pacific Athena protects various industries.  She is preeminently the Ergane, or working woman, and is the patron of architects and sculptors, as well as of spinners and weavers.  The olive tree owed to her its fruit.    Athena's emblem is the owl, the spear, the shield, the Gorgon's head, the serpent, and the thunderbolt. 

Her legend says that when Zeus swallowed his wife Metis she had been about to give birth to a child.  Shortly afterwards Zeus was tortured by an intolerable headache.  To cure him Vulcan- split open his skull with a bronze axe and from the gaping wound, shouting a triumphant cry of victory, sprang Athena - fully armed and brandishing a sharp javelin. 

Athena was Zeus' favorite child.  His preference for her was marked and his indulgence towards her so extreme that it aroused the jealousy of the other Gods. 

"You have fathered", says Ares to Zeus, "a rash and foolish daughter who delights only in guilty acts.  All the other Gods who live on Olympus obey you and each of us submits to your will.  But she, to you never curbs neither by word nor deed; she does as she pleases."

The Modern Woman +Yang/-Yin

Like the Athena, the modern American, post-feminist super woman is usually her father's favorite, is bright, is successful and independent.  She wields the woman's soul, a chainsaw, with gusto and accuracy but little mercy. Many women with this energy pattern choose to become career women.

This archetype can also present as the supermom or the overly motherly woman, Big Momma or in popular culture, Medea. This is a woman who focuses her energies on smothering people, animals, Peter Pan, addicts, abusers, bad boys, psychos and pervs. This is the woman who is always fixing-up the unfixable man. Or she is the woman that says that she will "change him" when they are married. Sound confusing? Remember that "mothering" is rooted in the masculine energy construct: compete, conquer and control.   Mothering is masculine.

If she is past a middle age, we call her a Cougar.  This woman is confident, conceited, arrogant and selfish to an extreme. She is cunning, scheming and often acts without remorse or guilt. This type comes in two flavors: the icy, cold Ice Queen that rules with fear and guilt or the fire-breathing Dragon-lady that intimidates with rage.

In our world, they are often alone-they are too much "man" for most American men. Many modern Athenas are alone and lonely, others find Apollo-types (Peter Pan) that they can bully and buy for a time, but eventually these soft men grow a backbone and leave; they die and leave. 

This woman makes it her business that she will never get hurt, which means she can never be loved-a bitter fact that eludes her. However  in our world this toughness is richly rewarded financially.

In our world, this is a woman that either becomes a Mistress to a married man or marries a Peter Pan (who may find his maleness  or a better Big Momma, and leave).

Or she may find a Vulcan-type (Mr. Spock) that will fight with her for a time, but since men soften over time and cultivate their daisy-soul, he will have to leave to save his life. 

This is the woman that will murder a straying husband or unfaithful boyfriend and their new girlfriend, and get away with it. Because they pick men with their eyes, a Yang attribute, they almost always pick the wrong man for them.  

  • Her curses are: Hurry Up, Try Harder and Be Strong. If she has issues with food she is operating under the curse of "Be Perfect".
  • The Athena woman operates from the position of the Critical Parent or Toxic Parent. Her position on the triangle is first the Rescuer and then she flips to Persecutor.
  • Because this energy position is so unbalanced, stressful and often negative in nature that many of these woman create hormone imbalances that create chronic diseases such as cancer, fatigue disorders, immune imbalances and emotional imbalances.  
  • We call her the Claw Woman, The Bitch, The Cougar, The Gold Digger, The Dragon, The Ice Queen, The Queen Bee, The Super Mom, Big Momma.
  • Her motto: "Give me more now."  And, "Me-Me-Me".

Television Shows that Have The Athena Type

Damages (Patty Hughes)

Murphy Brown (Murphy Brown)



The Devil Wears Prada (Miranda Priestly-Merle Streep)

Dangerous Liaisons (The  Duchess-Glenn Close)

Fatal Attraction (Glenn Close)

The Story of Francis Farmer ( Jessica Lange)


Historical Figures


Lucretia Borgia

Catherine the Great of Russia


Real People


Hillary Clinton



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