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Anxiety, Phobias and Fears

We do live in an anxious world, so learning to embrace uncertainty is part of living well.

We must each find a strategy to shuttle back and forth between the comfort of what we know, and the discomfort of all that we don't know.

Getting stuck in fear robs you of your life. An example of this is if you are too afraid to make mistakes. Making mistakes is the lynchpin to learning, in fact we learn far more from our mistakes than our successes.The pain of failure is normal-it is a sign that change is needed or is underway.  The Me First Method can set you  on a path to reduce or eliminate anxiety, phobias and fears in  approximately 28 days, the time it takes you to reprogram your brain.

Anxiety will cheat you out of the beginnings of things including a great relationship, hot sex and a fantastic job. A way out of anxiety is to risk trying new things.  The formula is the way out of a bad feeling is a positive thought followed by action; Feel ->  Think ->  Do!

Try to develop new ways to follow your curiosity.   A fixed idea of what is right and proper based upon childhood training can be paralyzing. A true definition of adulthood is to respond to the situation in any way that is life enhancing. 


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