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We live in a difficult world and there are many ways to numb the pain while pretending to soothe the soul.

Gambling, alcohol, drugs, eating, shopping, compulsive relationships, cyber sex, or compulsively watching television (the Soft Addictions) are just a few of the choices available.

Eighty percent of the time the addiction is layered over another significant mental struggle of depression or anxiety. Addiction becomes a poor way to self medicate.

The root cause of all addictions is the fear of the pain of dealing with a person, place or thing; or the anger of having your thoughts or feelings discounted. Learn how to deal with the pain, the fear and the anger and the addictions loose their hold on your heart and mind.

Remember that fear and anger  are two emotions that always travel together. Fear drives addictions of all types and excitement can drive the choice of turning your life around. 


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